The One Trick to Preventing Tendinitis Pain

You’ve learned all of the tricks to preventing blisters, like wearing socks to stretch out too-tight shoes or taping your toes together. But you still have an aching pain in the backs of your ankles…even when you’re in flats. Here’s why and what you can do about it.


It’s called tendinitis, and it’s primarily caused by wearing high heels too often. When you wear heels, it changes the resting position of your ankles and puts a lot of pressure on them. Over time, this can shorten the tendons there, causing them to snap when you go barefoot later. So what should you do?

Switch up your shoes every day. Wore those super-cute lace-up flats today? Trade them for some modest midi heels tomorrow and platform sandals the next.

By varying the height of your heels regularly, you’ll shift the pressure around so you help the tendons stay more nimble. Let the shoe shopping commence!

How to Dress Business Casual (but Better)

It used to be that business casual for women meant a vaguely depressing lineup of black, navy and gray slacks and sweaters that left little room for interpretation. Luckily, today’s working woman has infinitely more options when it comes to looking professional–but how do you know when to be comfortable versus when to actually dress up? All while trying not to look like you’re trying too hard? We break down seven work-ready outfits that’ll make this whole business-casual thing make more sense.


Just because it’s business casual doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy. Pair an interesting top (like this bell-sleeved one) with some super-flattering high-rise pants for a look that means business but isn’t boring.


Blazers might typically be reserved for wearing atop pants and blouses, but we love the idea of mixing it up and throwing a double-breasted version over a classic work sheath. Add an equally beautiful bag and you’re ready to take on the world. Or at least Monday’s big presentation.


How do you look like you’re wearing a dress without actually wearing a dress? By buying separates in the same color to achieve a streamlined, lengthening look. This way, you’ll also own two versatile pieces (that can be made into a ton of different outfits) instead of one. Win-win. And it’s perfect for that midweek slump when you have no idea what to wear.


One of the great things about culottes is that they look like a midi skirt but are basically glorified shorts. (Fooled ya.) Try them out with an oversize white button-down belted around the narrowest part of your torso for an updated take on a classic business-y look. Equal parts flattering and comfortable.


Button-downs and pencil skirts don’t seem groundbreaking until you update them in fun prints or colors. The above look is work-appropriate, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is perfect for spring and summer.


Now, for those days that you need to step it up just a notch but don’t want to get into full-on suit territory, try this. You can never go wrong with a white button-down for work, and wearing one with a midi pencil skirt just shows further polish (and an eye for trends).


Turn Your Computer into an Air Freshener

usb_diffuser_1Forget cluttering up the house with scented candles. Now you can use your computer as an aromatherapy dispenser with the Young Living USB Diffuser.

It works like this: You plug the little device, which looks like an ordinary thumb drive, into your laptop’s (or car’s) USB port. You set it to emit micronized bursts of essential oil every 10, 30 or 60 seconds, then a faint blue light shines to let you know it’s working. Since the amount of oil is so small, the effect is not overpowering.

While there are dozens of scents to choose from, we recommend the refreshing peppermint ($28 for 15 ml), since it not only smells super-clean but is touted to increase concentration and aid digestion.

How You Should Actually Use Hashtags on Social Media

There is a right way–and a majorly wrong way, people. Here are four ways to properly use hashtags, and three ways to avoid if you don’t want to be labeled as the social-media-challenged member of the family.



1. With trending phrases: #SquadGoals, #OnFleek and other teen-speak phrases will draw attention to your posts because they are popular, or “trending” tags. (That means lots of people are using them and therefore looking at other posts associated with them.)

2. With categorized phrases: #DogsofInstagram, #HumansofNewYork, #CupcakesofBoston… Words that apply to your photo can be hashtagged to allow other users to find similar photos and tweets.

3. With pop culture references: #MakingaMurderer, anyone?

4. With event names: Weddings, parties and awards shows all have unique hashtags associated with them (to aggregate photos into one feed). Think of it like an online photo album that guests can contribute to throughout the night. (#5YearsofWow was pretty fun.)


1. As one long phrase or sentence: Have you ever stared at someone’s Instagram hashtag while trying to decipher that huge one-word sentence with no spaces? Super annoying, right? Don’t be that person. (Unless you’re January Jones.)

2. With Captain Obvious words: No one needs to see #dinner #steak #corn #food to understand that that is, indeed, a food photo of your steak and corn dinner.

3. Unrelated hashtags: We’re sure #TaylorSwift would love to see your latest ‘gram of the kids, but it doesn’t really make sense to include her in your caption. And it just embarrasses your kids.

Secrets of Women Who Never Seem Frazzled

Life can be stressful, but have you ever noticed that some women seem perpetually calm? Like, even in the most out-of-control situation, they’re the picture of serenity. Turns out, they’ve got a few tricks up their neatly rolled sleeves. Here, five secrets of those lucky ladies who never seem frazzled.


They keep a detailed calendar (but don’t let it rule them)
Preparation is key, but it’s just as important to be adaptable. Make a schedule and stick to it, but be OK with the occasional change. Whether your colleague is taking forever to get back to you or your kid’s soccer practice is running late, remind yourself that some things are totally out of your control.

They build in wiggle room
You know how you always think it takes 20 minutes to get to your brother-in-law’s? But then it takes you five minutes to get out the door…and there’s a roadblock on DeGraw and you actually need to stop for gas…and suddenly it’s 30 minutes later and you’re only half-way there. Build in a cushion (we like an extra 20 minutes) to keep yourself from being late and, in turn, frazzled when you do arrive.

They know how to say no
Overextending yourself is one of the easiest ways to feel stressed. Plus, it can lead you to do a sloppy job by spreading yourself too thin. Master the art of just saying no and realizing that disappointing someone with your decline is better than disappointing them with shoddy work down the road.

They’re expert delegators
Remember when you wanted to project manage your hallway renovation, summer vacation and the impending office move? Make like Frozen and let it go, woman. Figure out which tasks you could outsource to others and trust them to get the job done until they prove you otherwise.

10 Ways to Get Hair Volume Instantly Without a Curling Iron

Sexy, bombshell hair will never go out of style, and limp strands are not at all alluring. For those days when you want instant volume without the hassle (and time commitment) of a curling iron, we’ll show you 10 fool-proof ways how to add volume to your hair in minutes.
imgresTease at the Root
Teasing may be an old-school tactic, but it’s still a go-to method for hairstylists because it really works. For first-time teasers, here’s how it works: Gather hair at the crown of the head and backcomb two to three-inch sections down the roots. Then, brush through with your fingertips to soften the look.


Root Lifting Spray
Add a root-lifting spray, such as L’Oreal EverStyle Alcohol-Free Volume Root Lifting Spray ($7,, to your roots and just above your ears. Brush through with your fingertips for added oomph and texture. Bonus: because it’s alcohol-free, this formula doesn’t weigh hair down or dry it out!
imgres-1Dry Hair Upside Down
Skipping the brush and drying hair upside down allows gravity to lift your strands away from the scalp. To lock in the volume even further, flip your head over again and spritz on some volumizing spray, such as Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray ($18,

Switch Your Part
This is really the easiest trick of all — just switch which side you part your hair for an instant lift. To ensure a deep part, take a comb and draw a line starting from the eyebrow, moving diagonally back to the center of the crown. Voila, instant volume!
imagesGet a Layered Cut
Adding layers to long or short hair adds volume without any daily maintenance. If you have fine hair, request soft layers at the chin. For medium to thick hair, ask for choppy layers throughout.

At-Home Blowout
Pro tip: when blow-drying your hair, wrap a round brush around the roots of your hair to keep the roots lifted. No product necessary!
Yes, Scrunch Your Hair
To get movement on the ends and volume at the root, apply a sea salt spray to towel-dried hair, then scrunch with your fingertips and let air-dry. Our favorite spray on the market is Bumble and bumble Surf Spray ($27, — it’s perfect for fine hair and lasts all day.
imgres-2Sleep in Buns
No time in the morning? Twist hair into a bun (or many) before you hit the sack. Just take damp, towel-dried hair, separate into large or small sections, then twist and securing with bobby pins. Always forgo elastics to prevent harsh markings on strands.
Use the Right Shampoo
Harsh shampoos can strip your hair, making it even more flat. Maintain volume with a volumizing shampoo like Living Proof Full Shampoo ($24, This sulfate-free formula is packed with surfactants that cleanse the hair without pulling it down.
498710a9232cd0b36facaacebb9bf692Clip in Natural-Looking Extensions
For instant volume that you can ditch in a flash, opt for temporary extensions, like She by SO.CAP.USA Clip-In Hair Extensions. The pieces attach just like a hair clip and are just as easy to remove. For a strong hold, part your hair where you want extra volume, tease, add hairspray, and clip in.

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Welp, this “Little Mermaid” Fitness Class Just Blew Our Mind

Pop quiz: Which Disney character has the best abs? If you guessed Ariel, you’re in luck. There’s a new workout trend that will help you get a super-toned mermaid bod without having to live under the sea for the next 20 years. But we’re sure you have other questions…


What exactly is “mermaid fitness”? It’s a type of exercise class in which you put on a glittery spandex tail with a bunch of other mermaids and mermen and swim around the pool.

Does it actually work? Swimming on its own is an excellent way to burn calories and build muscle, and by limiting the movement in your legs, you’ll be giving your core, butt and thighs an even more intense workout. Plus, it looks like the funnest thing ever.

Where can I take this magical class? Mermaid classes are currently being offered in Michigan, Toronto, Montreal and at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, but we imagine they’ll be popping up all over the U.S. in the next few months.

Wait, where do I get my tail? They’re typically provided by the class, but if you’re really serious about this whole mermaid thing, you can buy your own (and give it a whirl at home). Sorry, thingabmabobs aren’t included.