PSA: Water Temperature Really Affects Your Beauty Routine

From showering to shampooing, water is a staple in your beauty routine (and you know, life in general). And the right temperature can mean the difference between red, itchy skin and a baby-soft complexion–or a frizzy mop versus a sleek mane. Here, your guide to tweaking the temps to your advantage.


Ice cold: To dry your freshly painted nails super fast. Let them air out for a couple minutes and then swiftly dunk them into a bowl of freezing water to set the polish. Boom! No more nicks.

Cool: To wash your face. You want the water to be chilled enough that it feels refreshing, but not so cold that it smacks you awake. Plus, a cool rinse helps to reduce any redness while closing up your pores.

Lukewarm: To shower and wash your hair. We know how good a steamy shower feels (particularly after a long day), but prolonged exposure to hot water actually strips the natural oils from your skin and scalp, leaving you tight and dry. To get a deeper clean, turn to your products (might we suggest an exfoliating scrub and weekly clarifying shampoo) as opposed to turning up the nozzle.

Hot: To shave. The heat softens hairs so they’re easier to remove. To avoid drying your skin out while you tend to your fuzz, turn the heat up just briefly at the start of your shower so you get a little bit of steam in the stall. Then quickly adjust it back to lukewarm temps to finish.

The exception to all of this? Brushing your teeth. There is no known link between water temperature and the cleanliness of your chompers. Just make sure that you’re using a toothpaste with fluoride (to fend off cavities) and are scrubbing the recommended two minutes each time.

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