7 Beauty Trends You Can Only Pull Off in Summer

Just like a dark-red lip pops against a cashmere sweater and a generous sweep of blush livens up pale winter skin, certain beauty trends (like braids and bronzer) are made for summer. Here are the ones to try now–as in, this very second.


There are shades–like creamy nudes and bright reds–that always look good, no matter the time of year. But a statement blue like this works best against sun-kissed summer skin.


The same goes for a subtle dash of sapphire liner or a light wash of cerulean shadow across lids.

crown_braids_listCROWN BRAIDS

Pair them with a breezy sundress and you’ll look like you’re ready to stroll the beach or boardwalk. (Wear with a sweater, and you’ll suddenly look like you’re about to milk a cow.)


A) They keep sweaty strands (and flyaways) out of your face in the sweltering heat. B) They add instant polish to those aforementioned summer braids. And ponytails. And buns.


A light dusting of bronzer across your forehead and cheeks enhances an already golden complexion–whereas it can look muddy on pale winter skin. Bring the color up to your eyelids (like GiGi here) and all you need to complete the look is some lip gloss.


Lipstick can look and feel a bit heavy this time of year. A glossy pout, on the other hand, is fresh and light–especially in a punchy pink or juicy coral.

shiny_lids_listOR SHINY LIDS

To complement your summer glow, of course. Get the look by dabbing Vaseline on top of bare lids–or tapping a light layer on top of a dark-brown shadow to really make the color pop.


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